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The Old Beijing Square hotel (Beijing Weiming Jingpin Jiudian),  with the Drum Tower to its west,  the Forbidden City to its south,  and the Temple of Earth to its north,  is located in Beijing's Dongcheng District. Gulou Dajie Metro Station (Lines 8 and 2) is just a short walk away.The hotel adopts folk-music culture as its theme,  displaying ancient Chinese folk-instruments in all of its rooms and lounges. [View Detail]

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  • aaronxia
    General poor soundproof rooms are small with story hotel courtyard Andy knows a lot about the quadrangle story gives us is really amazing
  • e00092598
    Beautiful antique ornaments
  • Cafeaulait
    A beautiful courtyard was very helpful the next time the boss will choose
  • lilyvvv
    Very nice Inn, and quite easy, anywhere convenient. fenyang brother is dedicated to responsible girls hot cute. weekend entertainment zither really compliment his
  • e05253708
    Next time presence! nice! courtyard feel good! quiet!
  • majuping
    Beautiful courtyard, like, quiet and pleasant, waiter well, morning tea for us, give us knowledge of Beijing Siheyuan, services praised. with private bathroom, air conditioning, television, is the room is so small.
  • MarcoLiug
    Favourite courtyard, courtyard house in Beijing is really good, the layout particularly delicate, breakfast quite good, nothing special, highly recommended
  • larigots
    It's OK
  • Blanca136
    Is has features of a hotel. room displayed theme of, health more clean. because is in alley in of bungalow courtyard, so feel somewhat tide, but is quiet. bed Shang of quilt broken has a small hole, curtains of top window surrounding off has a angle, personal feel this and hotel of grade somewhat access. bathroom smaller, bath Shi feel somewhat stuffy. overall evaluation also is satisfaction.
  • fuguixiong
    Hotel alley opposite the South Gong and drum Lane, alley because there was too much not too hard to find, hotel facilities, with private bathroom, air conditioning, television, is the room is small, want to experience the courtyard you can try, the hotel staff are very good
  • airwolfrenyy
    Great taste of the courtyard-style hotel, is around Houhai and the South Gong and drum lane ... the only drawback is that the room is really small, around 15 square meters including bathroom, box is no place to put it.
  • regeaa
    Hotel on in hot NAO of South drums Xiang near alley in shopping South drum Xiang and the what brake sea this II district is convenient, but Hotel away from Hutong entrance has a from-Zaventem, big approximately have go real ten future points, to Metro mouth have go 20 points also not near, will live here pure vegetable populist wants to experience Xia alley of feel, live II days down think no finishing had of Alley also is too ever mess old San Francisco has, hotel itself style Sheng had design Shi, wants to experience alley courtyard on no method on design equipment requirements too more has, behind II days on views to five-star of w hotelBack to the modern and comfortable family rest room facilities
  • cc200569
    Good environment kids come and feel the atmosphere of old Beijing fine! staff is especially good! nice
    Very satisfied as the courtyard reception good buy shoes bad cleaning lady also helped sew the 100 great
  • eribruce
    Room too small, surrounding environment is not so good, fortunately, is near from the South Gong and drum lane.
  • devildom
  • e00167853
    Overall it was very good, environment is pleasant, staff very friendly, breakfast very good, daughters especially like zither, is called in the alley is really bad, but could not go to Beijing alley did was regrettable, it is quite satisfactory.
  • rpg77
    Outside the room is very small, is quite good, the location is also quite good, convenient
  • e02480531
    Yard's warm, folk models. from Beijing.
  • Edson
    Facilities photo looks good but relatively simple. General hardware facilities. value for money is very low, under the same price you can live in the nice hotel. This is picture was attractive, of course, because it is a courtyard so that he has a unique condition. recommended experience without much later.
  • aia190
    Courtyard, you can try, but mind that mosquitoes are not recommended
  • jiangjiang19
    Girls at the front desk were very friendly, made up for some of the hotel shortage, want the hotel facilities guests like reception warm. Recommended stay
  • daisy73
    Service is super nice, courtyard culture is strong, suitable for play in the field, by the family home and foreign friends like. telephone with playing with, and good attitude.
  • Louis Lu
    Good hard to find
  • donnacandy
    Alley, not how, into the hotel at Nice, quiet room is a bit small, the Festival is also held activities. service attitude is good, Oh
  • mneng
    Alley, a traffic jam could not move. the hotel is small, decorated petty bourgeoisie, but not the traditional courtyard house
  • jay405412435
    Deep in a Hutong, a little hard to find, winding paths deep. room was small, but very clean. Hall up very carefully, zither, calligraphy, tea ceremony.
  • cococbx
    Most like a courtyard, with history and clean! every time he comes to stay.
  • jinglejingle
    Good people good, also breakfast buffet, hehe Oh well
  • lijifu920
    Hotel surroundings are relatively warm, large living room of if you are on a family holiday to drink tea and chat is good. but the standard rooms are too small. hotel is near the South Gong and drum Lane, traffic is convenient.
  • donnapsp
    We make a family total of 8 people, two 3-person room, a 2 room, did not think when you check in, staff directly Fang Sheng and 2 larger and more comfortable 3-room, it's amazing. Are arranged next to the kitchen, but also, and not very noisy. Hotel location is very good, the width of the alley is enough, taxis can drive directly to the hotel entrance. The first courtyard, feeling very warm,Just like living in a big family. Beijing's winter is colder than expected, hotel yard design glass roof the entire cover, the family can be very warm in the courtyard for breakfast, it felt so great!
  • Andrew1026
    Room was very small, the bad air, particularly large number of mosquitoes, poor breakfast, high quality and good.
  • Ang Mor
    Beautiful courtyard, like, quiet and pleasant, waiter well, morning tea for us, give us knowledge of Beijing Siheyuan, praise the service point.
  • xxsxx
    The flavor of good old Beijing, and experience
  • amber_min
    It's not bad
  • benniao333
    Stay and found the room furnishings Exoweb pictures much simpler than I, did not meet my expectations
  • caofa
    1. the only warm-water bath, then cold weather could stand. 2. great wall tours, tour guides speak English only services to foreigners, is not suitable for Chinese people to participate in.
  • tjroamer
    Rooms feature small boss is very nice
  • crystal5081
    Friend hotel is very good, atmosphere ~
  • blmxmj
    Great courtyard, like good service.
  • any315
    Field and picture slightly larger differences, poor small courtyard garden suite, so don't believe the picture shoot, good location, hotel room slightly old.
  • rita_guan
    Exquisite Courtyard Hotel, worthwhile experience!
  • guo12345678
    Midnight, in the alley, near South Gong and drum Lane, was also on the zither
  • manria9039
    All right
  • e02241127
    Nice hotel, carefully observe the 15 guest rooms, each named after musical instruments, living room and dining room, placed four arts. this old House Hotel consists of more than 300 years of history is said to have transformed into ... every Friday even had my zither. Guo Wang Tong can sit around them.
  • angelina_liu22
    That's good
  • accor1978
    Took to the road for a taxi is not convenient, hotel was good
  • llxxg2005
    Outside, people were poor! but good hotel!, after all, long history! a bit moist. mosquitoes! OK! and the hotel felt differently! style
  • cloudycici
    Courtyard are beautiful son enjoys a cultural atmosphere is worth living
  • amanda_0312
    Not before, not recommended